About Us

While overseeing operations at a software development center in Nasik, India, Torenzo’s founder opened a small retail store. He thought that finding a good location and procuring inventory would be the hard part, while identifying the right point of sale solution would be easy. With hundreds of options available, he was sure he’d find a solution that fit his needs. After all, he only needed an affordable system that would ring up orders, allow staff to manage inventory, maintain schedules for a few employees and run some reports.

He was surprised to learn there was no fully functional, affordable and easy-to-use solution available.

About UsAfter spending thousands of dollars on a system that never worked correctly, Torenzo’s founder knew there had to be a better way. A software developer with an entrepreneurial spirit, he brought together a group of talented professionals to build a system that business owners wanted and needed. At that moment, Torenzo was born.

Torenzo POS is a point of sale system built by business owners for business owners. It's a fully functional and powerful solution that can be purchased for a single, low price. Torenzo's ethos is all about developing technology to help businesses succeed. That means every tool that Torenzo builds and brings to market is constructed with the business owner in mind.

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